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Mindful Birth Course

Expecting a baby is one exciting and beatiful. But besides the fact that you are expecting one of the most amazing wonders to meet this world, there are also some challenging things about that time. So, in order to be prepared for the possible emotional stress and the mentality change that occur in the partners, the course brings together traditional class knowledge and an introduction to mindfulnes.

he idea of the course is that one must be not only prepared with practicalities, but also actively make use of mindfulness to assure  a smooth and stress free preganancy and eventually birth. The week long course is comprised of theory, practice and dialogue plus 30 minutes of relaxation and stretching. The course will be led by Pia Ingerslev, who is a midwife and physiotherapist, and Anne Marie Beck, who is a mindfulness instructor. 

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When: June 12- 19 16:30 - 19:00
Where: Mindful Fødsel, BabyTamet, Vestergade 48 F, 800 Aarhus C
Price: 900 DKK

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