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Chamber Concert by Students

Come to support the students from Aarhus Conservatory in their journey towards becoming professional musicians, singers, composers or teachers! The Concert Hall Aarhus is hosting a concert that is completely free of charge and is devoted to the young studying talent. It server two very great purposes - the students get to practice in front of an audience and you get to attent a concert for free. So, bring your best encouraging skills and enjoy the classical music! 

The organizers warn that changes or sometimes even cancellations are possible, so you are adviced to check before going whether it is this the same place and time. 

Read more here. (only in Danish)

When: April 15 - 15:00 
Where: Room 222, Aarhus Music House, Thomas Jensens Alle 2, 8000 Aarhus C 
Price: Free

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