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Spring Outdoor Activities Around Aarhus

The temperatures finally got up and the sun came out, which means that it is time to open the urban spring season in Aarhus! The city has only so outdoor spaces to offer. Here is a little inspirational list for activities you might consider. 

Marselisborg Dyrehave


You must have heard at least once about the Deer park in Aarhus. It is a lovely place, where the animals are in a large area that is open for visitors almost every day. The size of the fenced part of the park is quite wide, which creates the illusion that you are meeting the deer in the wild. Besides having enough space for the animals, there are benches available for the visitors as well. So bring along some healthy snacks such as carrots and apples for habitants and enjoy your time. Also, the sea and the Marselisborg Palace are near by.

Read more about the park here.

The Botanical Garden 

What normally stands out in the botanical garden in Aarhus are the beautiful Greenhouses in the middle of it and often the public refers  to them as the botanical garden. But what the visitors often forget is that the area around is as interesting and a perfect place to spend some hours, especially in the spring and summer season. And when the sun comes out of the clouds, the botanical garden has only so many spaces to offer for friends and family gathering. It is perfect for a picnic, outdoor games or simply a walk. 

Read more about the botanical garden here.

Street markets 


Spring is the season for open door selling and buying. There a many places around the city that put out their products for visitors to look at even before entering the store. Besides them around Aarhus there are two central and quite popular markets, where you can find anything from food to clothes and home decor items, namely the Ingerslevtorv market and the Bagagerumsmarked. Ingerslevtorv market offers mainly stands from producers or re-sellers of food, and occasionally household items and clothes. It is located in the gorgeous are of Aarhus called Frederiksbjerg and is open normally on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Bagagerumsmerked has the opposite focus, you can find more vintage items for your home and it is running on Saturdays. Piece of advice – bring along some cash or your Mobile Pay app.

Read more about Ingerslevs Market here.

Learn more about Bagagerums Market here

Walks around the beach

It is a shame not to take advantage of the sea exposure of Arhus. Besides the port areas, the city can offer long paths and beach spaces along the water both in the south and the north of the city. The places are perfect for a walk and sun bathing. Although the water around Aarhus doesn’t get very warm and therefore is not considered to be the best swimming space, you can easily organize a whole day of activities on the beach instead. Some enthusiast also use the first sunny days for bathing in the sea, but if it is not you, you can still observe the rest.


Outside areas of the cafés, restaurants and bars


Space on some of the streets of Aarhus is limited, but when it comes to the sunny weather, the majority of cafes, restaurants  and bars  around Aarhus put tables and chairs outside (if they didn’t have them already). Whether it’s a coffee, beer, a snack or lunch, Aarhus has only so many places where you can enjoy the sun and your company under open air.



Godsbanen has for long been famous for its cultural impact on the city and the underground events it organizes. However, on days when there is nothing going on in the area, it is still a wonderful place to take walks. It has a playground, the building itself has a roof path which can be easily climbed by visitors and there some cafes and a restaurant around with interesting concepts. Overall it has the space safe from the car traffic where both adults and children can explore it with peace.

Read more about the space here


Dome of Visions


The dome is one of the great additions to the cultural life in Aarhus. Almost on daily bases the Dome of Visions hosts event of different nature, most of which are open to the general public. However, it is best to check in advance what is happening in the following week, as some events require a purchase of a ticket or signing up in advance. However, the dome by itself is a great place to visit having no particular plans in advance. The bottom level inside has a cozy café, there are seats all around inside and benches outside. If you feel like taking a walk, there is a small fruit and vegetable garden cultivated outside. So why not consider it as a place to spend a sunny spring day?

Read more about the space here.

Quick side note

No matter how promising the weather forecast sound, don’t forget that it is Denmark we are talking about. So, it is a good idea to be prepared with a jacket, a raincoat or a scarf in case the day does not turn out to be as sunny. 

Moreover, please see VisitAarhus' great list of spring activities here.

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