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They say that the best way to learn a language is to practice it as much as possible. But what happens when there is no one (or no one willing) around you to practice with? Swap language proves that there is a great chance there is someone around who is not only willing to practice with you, but would love to learn your native language. The idea is simple - you join Swap languge on the website, find your location, put in a language you know and one you would like to learn. Then you click whether you would like to meet up individually or in groups and the website is looking for a match. As you may already tell, the more people join, the better the initiative becomes, since there is a better chance for you to get a match. Established only two years ago, the company made a name for itself and is now on a mission to spread the service to the whole world. The general idea according to the founders is to make learning a language a fun activity that engages many individuals and to make people actually meet live instead of hiding behind various screens. So, if you are still experiencing difficulties with a language or would like to refresh old knowledge, this is great place to start. The only payment for a lessson from a native speaker is to give them a lesson yourself. And if you are considering to use it for your Danish learning, it won't be difficult to find Danes around Aarhus that will be interested in your native language.

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