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Mikkeller Running Club


Here are two things that Denmark is known for – running and beer, in one event! On a serious note thought, the running is in focus here. The event if for anyone who is in a mood for some cardio regardless of their level of preparation, pace and so on. The important thing is to get yourself active and meet other people. There will be three routes – 3 km, 6.5 km and 10 km, according to your motivation to push yourself. You may ask- so when does the beer come? After the event, the organizers are offering you free beer to reward yourself that you got some physical activity. What is there more to wish from an improvised sports event?!

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When: April 14 – 11:00
Where: Mikkeller Bar, Jægergårdsgade 61, 8000 Aarhus C
Price: Free

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