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Quantum Kate Lessons

When you start talking about quantum physics, the normal reaction you get is a combination between different levels of confusion unless you are surrounded by scientists of course. Quantum Kate is here to break several stereotypes at the same time – quantum physics is for nerds and for boys. In fact, it is for everyone and when presented in a fun and simplified way, it can do wonders with ones interest in the subject. This Danish originating platform offers entertaining videos that circulate around the character Kate that is like any other young girl facing normal problems and having something to teach you about quantum physics. Originally offered only in English, the platform expanded to offer ”lessons” in ten languages. The Easter holidays are getting close, which also means that children are often home and bored. So why not click on the website or the YouTube channel in a language preferred by you and follow Kates story and her quantum learning. Besides that Kate can also tell you about the space, high energy physics and quantum mechanics.

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Visit the English YouTube channel here

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