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We Miss You When You Are Gone

We want to thank all of our members for supporting us and joining all our different events! We are very proud that we along side our many great collaborators have developed a thriving international community in Aarhus for the last 10 years – in fact you can join around 140 events every year!
However, sometimes we get frustrated when we invite for events. For instance, just last week we had a seminar with limited capacity and a long waiting list, but around half of the people that had signed up actually showed up, despite having received several reminders.
We of course understand that you might get sick or need to attend urgent matters. However, we would kindly ask you to cancel if you are not able to participate in an event. Together with our partners, we put a lot of effort into planning all the events and seminars and at many of our events, the hosts buy refreshments for you to enjoy for free. These refreshments are going to waste, when you do not show up.
Please respect the time and efforts we all put into planning the events.
We have thought about how we can solve this in the future and perhaps we have to enforce a no show fee or introduce payment for all events? Or maybe you have a suggestion for a solution? All suggestions are very welcome at
Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to host many great events for you in the future! 
Best wishes, 

The team at International Community  

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