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Earth Hour in Randers Regnskov

Can you imagine what happens if everyone in the world decides to take one hour a year to switch of all of the electricity? The answer is a lot. Earth hours is already worldwide movement that began only eleven years ago and now involves not only citizens, but also institutions and governments to switch off the lights for an hour to show appreciation to our planet. Randers Regnskov takes up the idea and makes it in a whole entertaining event that lasts half a day. The event ends with the actual earth hour that takes place 20.30-21.30. It leaves us only to wonder what wild and beautiful sounds you will be able to hear when the lights go off. Sounds like one wild hour! 

Read more here (only in Danish)

When: March 24 – 15:00 – 21:30
Where: Randers Regnskov, Tørvebryggen 11, 8900 Randers
Price: look here


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