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Possible Lockout

A historic case of disagreement in the public sector workers with the authorities put the whole country into a state of awaiting. A protest turning to a lock-out is expected to take place from the 10th of April if the two sides, namely the public service unions and the ministry of finance donĀ“t reach an agreement. If it becomes a reality, more than 400,000 employees in the public sector will not be attending work and will be left unpaid.

It is also expected that in such a case, the government might get involved in the form of a law as it happened the four years ago, when the last negotiation took place. The labor dispute applies to union members who are a part of the negotiating trade confederation and will include also employees that are on a flexi-jobs, subsidized jobs, `acute` jobs and jobs on special terms as well as employees currently on leave pay.  The situation might affect and the general public, as there might be changes or complete cancellations in the means of transportation, educational institutions, healthcare establishments and others.

If you are a member of one of the affected labour unions, please contact them directly to be informed on your rights and duties as well as the consequences. If you are not a member then contact your employer to ensure that you are not cut in pay during the lock-out period.

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