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Easter Traditions

Easter is just around the corner, which means you will get some extra days off.  Therefor you will have plenty of time to dig in to the many traditions here in Denmark.

The påskefrokost, or Easter lunch, is a must for most Danes. It means getting together with family or friends for a huge feast that lasts most of day and is a mixture of lunch and dinner (or even breakfast). The host often serves herrings, shrimps, salmon, eggs and several other goodies. The traditional Danish feast is considered incomplete without enjoying a snaps and a cold Danish Easter brew, `påskebryg´. Families put emphasis on decorating the table with daffodils, yellow and purple napkins and candle lights.
So invite you friends, colleagues or neighbors to an Easter Lunch!

Making a gækkebrev (or several) is a standard activity for Danish children or childish adults. The idea is to design a letter in the basic shape of a snowflake that includes a rhyming riddle and a snowdrop. The letter will not be signed by your names, but instead you’ll put one dot for every letter in your name. Recipients then have to guess who sent them the letter. If they guess right, the sender has to give them a chocolate egg. If they don't guess the sender's identity, then the recipient has to give the egg.

Find your inspiration in this video


Where’s the Easter Bunny?
Easter is all about the Eggs, so people hide eggs filled with candy for the kids to find. The eggs can be hidden in your garden or in the park if you are going for a walk. The most important thing is to give clues about the Easter bunny’s whereabouts. 


Egg Rolling
Many Danish families are keeping this tradition alive. You hard boil some eggs and decorate them with different colors and images. Each member of the family can paint their own personalized eggs. And here comes the competition! People go to different parks or areas with hills, so you can throw your eggs as long as possible without breaking them.  The person who’s egg is still intact after throwing it will win the competition. You have to find the perfect balance between so it does not break completely but still reaches a long distance.


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