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New Bus Routes and Times


On Sunday, December 17, some buses are replaced by the light rail. Some routes are altered, and some buses change numbers. Note that this will happen whether the light rail runs or not. 
The new schedules are available on rejseplanen (both app and website) if your depature date is after December 17. 

If the ligh rail is not running on December 17, Midttrafik will put in buses from Park Allé to AUH Skejby. 

The light rail will not open to Odder from December 17. Therefore Midttrafik is prolonging route 81 from Viby Station non stop to Aarhus Bus Station. The clients who lose bus 4 A at Torve Allé/Østerby Allé can thus take bus 81 instead until the light
rail starts passing Nørrevænget. 
Route 86 is put into effect between Nehrus Allé – AUH Skejby – Lystrup from December 17 until the light rail opens on that stretch. 
Replacement buses keep running to Odder and Grenaa until the light rail opens.
Bus guides and info stand
Midttrafik has bus guides at the bus stops: Park Allé/Banegårdspladsen, Harald Jensens Plads, Viby Torv, Busgaden, Klostertorvet, Nørreport og Nordre Ringgade/Randersvej from December 13-19 to assist travelers. The guides will hand out zone maps and can point you to the right bus. 

Bus guide schedules:
December 13-15 - 13:00-17:00
December 17 - 13:00-17:00
December 18-19 – 7:00 – 11.00 og kl. 13.00 – 17.00

Overall, several city bus routes will be changed due to the light rail. The routes are thus put together in new ways, and some buses will run less frequently, some more. You can get a quick overview on the map below: 

1A will be changed on the stretch north of Park Allé. It now goes to Vejlby Nord/Skejbyparken via Grenåvej and Tordenskjoldsgade on Trøjborg. 
1A is split into two routes at Vejlby Centervej/Nordlandsvej. It has 2-3 departures per hour on each route to Vejlby Nord and Skejbyparken respectively. 
1A will be replaced by the light rail on the stretch Nørreport – Lystrup. Route 86 does replacement driving. See more about route 86
2A continues from AUH Skejby to Trige on some departures, so that Trige is now serviced by 2A instead of 1A. 
On line 4A half of the departures to Tranbjerg are shortened at Kjærslund (by Gunnar Clausens Vej) instead of going all the way to Tranbjerg. That means that the number of departures to/from Tranbjerg are cut in half. For the routes that continue to Tranbjerg, there will only be one bus line that services both the eastern and western part of Tranbjerg. There are no longer buses at Østerby Allé. For replacement routes, see route 81
Half of the departures on line 6A in north change end stations to AUH Skejby instead of Risskov. The number of departures between Skejby and Risskov are thus cut in half.
There will be less departures on line 11. In Stavtrup there will be no end station Stavtrup Nord, Søholm, but there will be a regular stop, so departures from here are extended to Stavtrup Vest, Blåhøj.
Line 12 runs over Brovej-Nordre Strandvej and via Harald Selmersvej i instead of the current line 20, which is cancelled.
Line 13 no longer runs between Park Allé and Vejlby Nord, but is here replaced by line 1A. Line 13 runs between Park Allé and Holme Parkvej instead, instead of the current line 16. There will be fewer departures. 
Line 14 no longer runs between Park Allé og Skejbyparken, but is here replaced by line 1A. Instead line 14 runs between Park Allé and Tilst Vest like the current line 19, which is cancelled. Tilst will get more departures in the daytime.
Line 16 to Hasle and Christiansbjerg turns into a local line, which departs once an hour, and which also services Langenæs, Gl. Åby and Toveshøj. The line gets number 22. Line 16 is replaced by line 13 between Park Allé and Holme.
The new line 16 replaces line 18 between Risskov and Lystrup Vest/Elev/Mejlby and line 19 between Park Allé and Mårslet. Line 16 drives via Randersvej, Vorregårds Allé and Vejlby Centervej instead of Grenåvej.
Line 17 no longer drives between Park Allé and Langenæs, where it is replaced by line 22. Instead line 17 drives between Park Allé and Solbjerg instead of the current line 20.
On Trøjborg it drives via Dronning Margrethes Vej and Skovvejen instead of Tordenskjoldsgade and Kirkegårdsvej.
Line 18 no longer goes to Lystrup Vest/Elev/Mejlby, but is here replaced by line 16. Now line 18 goes to Lystrup Øst with end station by Majsmarken instead of 1A. Line 18 drives via Randersvej, Vejlby Ringvej instead of Grenåvej.
Line 19 is cancelled and replaced by line 14 to Tilst and line 16 to Mårslet repectively. 
Line 20 is cancelled and replaced by line 12 on Nordre Strandvej in Risskov and line 17 to Solbjerg respectiveliy. There is no longer a bus to Åkrogen.
A new line 21 replaces line 35 on the stretch Stavtrup Vest, Blåhøj – Åbo with the same number of departures. There are no longer buses on the stretch Åbo – Brabrand Vest (Helenelyst). Here you can use flextur, which you can read more about flextur at
A new line 22 connects Hasle, Aarhus C, Langenæs, Åbyhøj, Gl. Åby, City Vest, Gellerup and Toveshøj in a circular route with the bus going in both directions. 
Line 22 offers new connections and replaces line 16 between Park Allé and Hasle, line 17 between Park Allé and Langenæs as well as the stretches on line 12 in Åbyhøj. It runs once per hour in each direction in the daytime on weekdays and Saturdays as well as a few hour on Sundays and in the weekday nights. 

Line 33 changes number to 23.
Line 35 now only runs on the stretch Brabrand Vest (Helenelyst) – Langkaer Gymnasium. On the stretch Stavtrup Vest, Blåhøj – Åbo, it is replaced by line 21. There are no longer buses on the stretch Åbo – Brabrand Vest (Helenelyst). Here you can use flextur, which you can read more about flextur at

The changes are put into effect on December 17. They are made in order to adapt to the light rail. At the same time it is a check of the changes made in 2011 when the A-buses were put into effect, which is why there are changes to some of the bus lines that do not interfere with the light rail. 
There will be no changes to the regional bus routes or the night bus schedules.  

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