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Christmas Calendars

Christmas Calenders
The wait for Christmas can be long, but Christmas calendars can sweeten the wait and make the countdown fun! They come in many disguises; there are chocolate calendars, gift calendars, TV calendars, candle calendars, and surely more! Take your pick or have them all!

Chocolate calendars
Chocolate calendars will make the countdown for Christmas sweet and enjoyable. Each day you can open the window to a new, delicious piece of chocolate.
Nowadays, they come in all price ranges and for both kids and adults. Some of them even contains two pieces of chocolate every day, so you can share the calendar with someone else. If you are not a chocolate fan, there are also tea calendars, coffee calendars, licorice calendars, wine gum calendars, beer calendars and many other types.

TV calendars
There are TV calendars for every taste and age this year – no less than nine. Some are brand new, some are reruns from earlier years, and some are more Christmas-related than others. They are all in Danish and most of them are family oriented, but there are also some TV calendars that are mostly for adults.

Get an overview of this year’s TV calenders here (in Danish only)

Gift calendars
Some families make gift calendars for their kids with 24 small gifts, one for each day until Christmas. Others give their kids bigger gifts every Sunday for advent.

Candle calendars 
Candle calendars are another way for counting down the days until Christmas. They are a nice way to bring light and hygge into the dark winter days. You simply light the candle and burn down one number every day. 
It is also common in Denmark to have an advent wreath with four candles – one for each of the four advent Sundays before Christmas. Each Sunday a new candle is lit so you end up with four lit candles on the fourth Sunday.

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