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Volunteers for the Aarhus Municipal Election

Give a day to the democracy – sign up as  a volunteer for  the municipal election in Aarhus!
Becoming a volunteer for the Municipal Election in Aarhus on November 21 2017, is the perfect chance for you to get some hands on experience with democracy! You will receive foods and drinks during the day and 830 DKK (taxable) for your help.
Your tasks as a volunteer:
As a volunteer, you job is to help out with different tasks at one of the voting places at the election day. Among other tasks, your job will be to hand out voting papers, to register people, to make sure the votes are put into the ballot boxes, and to count the votes when the election is over.
You have to be at the voting place from 7:00 and until the votes has been counted at night. It is a long, but very festive day!
To become a volunteer at the Municipal Election, you need to have the right to vote!

You have the right to vote when:
- You have attained the age of 18
- You are a permanent resident of the municipality of Aarhus
- You are either a Danish citizen, a citizen of another EU country, Iceland or Norway, or you have lived in Denmark, Greenland or the Faroe Islands for at least three years.
Read more and sign up for volunteering here (in Danish only)

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