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Who were the Vikings in Aarhus, where did they come from and where did they go? Our Saturday walk is a story of the people who founded the settlement here in 770AD and exploration of the places which were important for them. Do you want to know if the famous Viking king Harald Bluetooth really had a blue tooth? Do you want to see where the rampart, moat and Viking burial sites were? Do you want to see the first Christian church built by the Vikings? Come and take the tour through the city centre on Saturday.

October 14 11:00-13:00
Where: at the foot of DOKK1 steps (Hack Kampmanns Pl. 2, 8000 Aarhus C)
Price: 80kr
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Come to the beautiful Royal Gardens and Park situated around the Royal Summer Residence Marselisborg Palace. You will explore the area around the Queen's summer residence and numerous pieces of art in the park overlooking the Bay of Aarhus. The guide, Joanna, will tell you stories about the royal pool, playing lions, herb and rose gardens and reveal secrets of the palace’s interior. The palace remains closed for the public, but we can enjoy the park with its gardens, orchards, flowers and sculptures. 

This is a perfect Sunday outing and a great place to take pictures of the sea or just have a picnic. 
It will be a beautiful stroll in the autumn colours and good company. Also - this is the last walk of Season 2017 guided by Joanna. 

October 15 11:00-13:00
Where: at the gate to Marselisborg Park (Carl Nielsens Vej, 8000 Aarhus)
Price: 80kr

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