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Repat in Denmark & Stambord Aarhus

Stambord Aarhus has been a set part of Repat in Denmark’s calendar since September. Here we take a closer look at the concept Stambord to give you a brief overview before the next one on November 1st.  

Stambord is a monthly networking event for Danish expats and repats that takes place the first Wednesday of every month in 39 cities worldwide. The concept was developed by DABGO – Danes Abroad Group Online.

Stambord Aarhus is run by Repat in Denmark in collaboration with DABGO in the bar at Scandic Aarhus City the first Wednesday of the month from 17:00-19:00. As such, it is Repat in Denmark’s version of First Tuesday where repats can meet after working hours to socialize and network. It is a great opportunity to exchange experiences, discuss challenges, and connect with other repats in the city.

Stambord Aarhus is one of Repat in Denmark’s initiatives to activate and strengthen the repat network in Aarhus.

The next Stambord Aarhus is on November 1st from 17:00-19:00 in the bar at Scandic Aarhus City. 

Repat in Denmark
Are you unfamiliar with Repat in Denmark?

Repat in Denmark is a community for Danes who have returned to Denmark after living abroad for more than six months.

The community has two virtual platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn, where repats can connect and share and discuss content, ideas, challenges, opinions, etc. with each other. Additionally, we offer the monthly networking event Stambord and work to develop more events for repats to meet and connect.

Repat in Denmark supports repats in Aarhus and Denmark with virtual platforms, online information and guides, and events. It is open to all repatriated Danes, free of charge. 

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