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DATE: 7 October, Saturday: Dokk1 and other harbour stories; START: 11.00am ; MEETING POINT: at the bottom of Dokk1 steps (Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, 8000 Aarhus C); LENGTH: 2 hrs; LANGUAGE: English; PRICE: 80kr; GUIDE: Carl
DESCRIPTION: The walk is for those who want to explore the area around Dokk1. Do you want to see where the cruise ships and the Queen’s boat are anchored when they come to Aarhus? What about the Five Sisters and other industrial buildings sometimes turned into new exhibitions spaces - like ‘O’ Space? Find out why the Vikings chose the location for their settlement here, Aros. Listen to the stories about the port of Aarhus and its significance to the city. Have a look at Filmby and Kulbroen (the Coal Bridge) and hear what ambitions are connected with the popular Aarhus spot. Take your camera - you will be enchanted by marine and industrial landscapes and abundance of street art there.
DATE: 8 October, Sunday; START: 11am; TOUR: THE CITY OF SMILES - from the Vikings to the European Capital of Culture 2017; MEETING POINT: bottom of Dokk1 steps (Hack Kampmanns Pl. 2, Aarhus C); LENGTH: 2h; LANGUAGE: English; PRICE: 80 kr; GUIDE: Jørgen

DESCRIPTION: The walk focuses on over 1200 long history of Aarhus. Exploring the most popular Aarhus sights, we will explore the traces of the Vikings here and the people who took over and led us to the great event this year - the European Capital of Culture 2017. It will be a journey in different times, we will see how fast the town was growing in its golden age and which visionary people had a great influence on its development. This year Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture, so we will also focus on cultural events in 2017.

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