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My Piece – A Work in Progress Showing

Come and experience the making of Augustine Collective’s new piece. They have been in 'CONNECTIONS' residency at Performing Arts Platform in Aarhus for the past few weeks and are now showing a work-in-progress of their upcoming performance ‘My piece’.
In the safety of the dark theater space Augustine raises questions about ownership of objects, of movement, of thoughts and art.
How does one in connection and interaction with others contribute to a shared experience?
In ‘My Piece’ Augustine Collective invites you to explore your role as an audience. Please bring an object (any object) you have and you own and are willing to let go of, to participate in the creation of this performance.
The showing will be in English.
Read more here
When: October 6 – 16:00-17:45
Where: Valdemarsgade 1G, 1. tv., 8000 Aarhus
Price: Participation is free, but registration is required here 

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