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Open House at Århus Baseball Softball Klub

Softball is a great sport for those who would like to try something different. It’s a fun sport similar to Baseball – that you might know from movies and TV. 

Softball is all about technique and being able to think tactically. It’s not necessarily a sport where you would do better if you, as an example, is build more athletic from birth or has the stamina to run a marathon. In other words: it’s a sport where everyone can join. A sport where you work with your strengths and improve your technique accordingly: Are you a tall person with long arms? –Maybe first base is the position for you. Are you not too fast at running? –maybe we should practice for hitting home runs.

Århus Baseball Softball Klub would like to invite you to Open House at Marselisborg Gymnastik Center. There’s going to be 3 types of open house in October:

01/10-2017 – Open House for potential Women Players (14+), read more here.
08/10-2017 – Open House for Juniors under 16 yrs, read more here.
29/10-2017 – Open House for Everyone: Men/Women Junior/Senior, read more here.

Where:Dalgas Avenue 12, 8000 Aarhus C
Price: Free

SAVE THE DATE: In continuation, International Community invites you all to join our open house event with Aarhus Baseball and Softball klub the 5th of November. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player, here is your chance to try out some baseball and softball.
Read more about the event here


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