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The Culture Bazar

Taste spicy food from all around the world, dance to African rhythms, be creative in workshops, hear how to become a volunteer, or try out different games and much more!
Most importantly, greet your neighbors, who are the part of the City of Smiles; the City which welcomes everyone!
Become part of an eventful cultural meeting between refugees and Aarhusians, and help introduce refugees to Aarhus's many different activities and offers. Take part in the vision of creating new communities, relationships and better integration. Hopefully  you will warmly welcome you new neighbors from Syria, Eritrea and other countries  with openness, solidarity and appreciation of  diversity.
This event is a collaboration between Danish Refugee Aid, Culture and Citizens' Service - Aarhus Municipality.
Read more about the Culture Bazar here.
When:  September 24 13:00-16:00
Where: AarhusGuiden, RĂ„dhuspladsen 2, 8100 Aarhus
Price: Free


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