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Post a Letter

At Post A Letter you get the opportunity to write whatever you please, whether it’s an honest letter about something which might be hard to say, a small greeting, a confession of love or perhaps just a letter for someone dear to you.

The old “Snail-mail” is becoming more and more extinct, so Post A Letter is a pop-up event, where you can take your time to immerse in the a hand written letter, while in the company of others.  

Participation is free of charge and the event is organized by volunteers. Post Nord Danmark sponsors the post stamps, but to make sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy writing a letter, there’s a max of 3 letters per person. Café Smagløs allow us to use their cosy facilities to host the events and they also provide the materials used, such as paper, envelopes, pens and pencils, stamps, stickers and much more.

So, if you feel like immersing yourself in writing a letter while enjoying a cup of coffee and perhaps strike up a conversation with someone new, while giving yourself the opportunity to calm down and focus, then come along for our next event. We’ll see you there!

There’s often a lot of guests in the café during the evening, so please remember to only bring the materials that you need back to your table and bring rest of it back to the desk when you’re done with it so others can use it. We all have to share the materials, including those coming after you’re done, so please be thoughtful of how much you take.

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When: September 4, 19:00-21:00
Where: Café Smagløs Aarhus, Klostertorvet 7, 8000 Aarhus
Price: Free

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