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Walking Lecture on Ants

An ant experience with sensory inputs, taste experiences, talks, walking and soundscapes created and presented by Secret Hotel. 

Together with ant scientist Hans Joachim Offenberg and brain researcher & anthropologist Andreas Roepstorff, Secret Hotel creates a unique walking lecture about one of the tiniest, oldest creatures on earth – the ant.
How are the social structures of ants established? How are their brains structured – compared to ours? What do their world sound, smell, and taste like? These are some of the questions we ask – and they are partly answered by the scientists, and partly examined and interpreted through staged actions, experiences, tastes and smells! We invite you to zoom in on the world of ants, with both senses and intellect.

NOTE! Arrive in practical clothes and footwear according to the weather. Please do not bring luggage, as there is no locker room available.

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When:  August 27 – 16:00-17:30

Where: The Botanical garden
8000 Aarhus C
Meeting point: The bicycle parking at Væksthusene.

Price: 150 DKK, students 75 DKK. Tickets include tastings.

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