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Tremor or:..

A sound performance by Morten Poulsen.

How do you feel, I asked the object of focus. i listened but the answer wasn’t clear. are we communicating the right way? my Vibrant body. we tremor with excitement. or nervousness. perhaps, to be understood, we must be sensitive.

Tremor or:.. was performed first time at Endings. Festival in December 2016.

Technical Assistant: Karl Heding
Chairs kindly sponsored by Erik Michaelsen

About the artist:
Drawing on his background in improvisational music, sound artist Morten Poulsen (b.1990) has pursued his desire to explore sounds and our relation to them, through composition, performance art, sound design and installation. Since 2014, Morten has released 4 projects on his own record label Outrovaert, including the interactive internet-based work Dark Web, made events that break with the normal concert conventions in the project series DADADOIT, collaborated with dancers and visual artists from Denmark and internationally, built battery-powered musical instruments, has been published on the acclaimed The Wire Tapper, made sound installations such as Temple for Oxossi at Land Shape Festival 2016, performed non-stop improvisation for three days with the performance group Camera Sonora and not at least is he underwater drummer in Aquasonic.

Kurateret af Mikkel Elming og FSK - Foreningen for Samtidskunst
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When: July 9 - 11:00-13:00

Where: Aarhus Artspace 
Vestergade 62, 8000 Aarhus C

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