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Café for Less Strangers in the World & Citizenship

The Café for Less Strangers in the World & Citizenship visits Store Torv these days.

The café is a relaxing place where everyone is welcome to come and meet for presence, dialogue, and (self)reflection. You can buy organic coffee, tea, and elderflower juice along, and there is a small selection of cakes. 

You can meet and talk to a stranger, and you can send a postcard with the slogan "Less Strangers in the World", perhaps to someone with whom you've lost touch. 

There are many options, so stop by and have a look.

When: June 27 – July 1, 11.00 – 17.30

Where: Store Torv, Aarhus

Price: Free entrance

Organizer: Rethink Human Being

Facebook: Café for Færre Fremmede i Verden & Medborgerskab (in Danish).

Read more (in Danish only).  

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