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Summer job!

WANTED!Sales staff for City Sightseeing Aarhus

City Sightseeing Aarhus ApS is a new company starting up in May 2017.

They will be running 3 Open Top doublet decker Buses on regular service in Aarhus in the summer of 2017.

City Sightseeing Aarhus is looking for young people who will be a part of the best sales team that will welcome all the tourists that visit Aarhus in the summer of 2017.

Over the summer 2017 there will arrive about 90.000 cruise guests to Aarhus.

As an employee in City Sightseeing Aarhus your most important task will be to welcome visitors and have a direct contact with the guests. It will also be your job to sell tickets for the bus ride around the beautiful city of Aarhus in the most delicate way and give City Sightseeing Aarhus ApS customers a good experience and memories from Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture.

Read more and apply for the job here

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