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Danish & Fun gets its own page!

Like the new Danish & Fun Facebook page to be kept up to date about Danish & Fun events! 

We are moving communication about Danish & Fun from the group on Facebook to this new page. We hope that you will go like it and come to Danish & Fun with us on Sunday! 

Danish & Fun was originally intended as a casual meeting between people who wanted company while doing homework for their Danish course, developed by Ioana Leu. Interest in the initiative was so great that it quickly grew into a group for learning and practicing Danish in an informal setting, and International Community and Lærdansk became involved. 

At the end of 2016, International Community and Lærdansk completely took over the organization of Danish & Fun, and the group setup had its difficulties for our coordination. To get around these, we have archived the Facebook group and created the new Facebook page instead. If you want to learn and practice Danish, we encourage you to go like the page!

You can find the new Danish & Fun Facebook page here!

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