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New Michelin star record for Denmark!

The stars in the Nordic Michelin Guide have just been announced in Stockholm, and like last year, it ended up with a lot of shooting stars for a wide range of Danish restaurants.

This week, it was published which Nordic restaurants have earned international honors from Michelin. 

Denmark has received 28 stars to 24 Danish restaurants all over Denmark.

Four restaurants in Aarhus were awarded with one- star status. Domestic in Mejlgade is the new Michelin winner in Aarhus.The restaurant was ranked at the same Michelin level with Gastromé, Frederikshøj and Substans, which all retained a Michelin star.
Aarhus has had three Michelin stars restaurants for two years, but now the number stands at four, thanks to Domestic.

Read more (Danish only) 

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