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Concert Café

Students of The Royal Academy of Music have for many years and with great succes performed at the Concert Cafees in the centre of Aarhus. The Cafées are now hosted in "Rytmisk Sal" at Musikhuset as well as at Headquarters. This Monday evening it is held in "Rytmisk Sal".

The concerts mostly ends at 11 PM and are always free of charge.


20:00 - Mathias Tonny Borggaard Samsing, Singing
20:35 - Anton Heide Radmer, Druma
21:10 - Mira Rebecca Siegel, Singing
21:45 - Rikke Nybo Jakobsen, Singing
22:20 - Maria Dybbro, Saxophone

When: February 27, 20:00-23:00
Where: Musikhuset Aarhus, Rytmisk Sal

Read more here (in danish only)

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