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Concert: The DeSoto Caucus

The proud sons of Aarhus return. The DeSoto Caucus is celebrating the release of their new album this evening at Atlas.

It is a band in the best shape that is landing at Atlas when the DeSoto Caucus this evening is returning to Aarhus to end the Euro tour with the official release concert for the upcoming album with the simple title "4".

After having published their last two highly recognized albums within just 11 months the band has this time taken its time to finish the fourth release, which also marks a small shift in the working form of the band. This album was recorded in a studio in northern Jutland far out in "knowhere", totally isolated from any kind of social life. This gave the artists more focus and dedication to the album ending in a high quality mix of songs in this release. 

When: February 20:00-??
Where: Fonden VoxHall (Atlas), Vester AllĂ© 15, 8000 Aarhus C

Read more here (Danish only)

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