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Table Tennis at DOKK1

Burn some calories the fun way by playing table tennis.

The biggest table tennis club in Denmark, SISU/MBK, is hosting an exciting day with focus on the fun and challenging sport of table tennis. 

The date of the event is the 17th of February at DOKK1 and gives opportunities to try your self out against some of the most experienced players. They also arrange ”around-the-table” and bring mini-tables so you can test the difficulty (and fun!) of this game. 

It all takes place in “Æsken” on level 2. No registration is required and it is for free.

Some of the most talented youth players will show up at the event as well as some more experienced players.

When: Februray 17, 13:00-15:00
Where: DOKK1 in "Æsken" on level 2"

Read more here (in danish only)

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