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The Darts Organization in Aarhus

The Darts Organization meets every Monday for either practice/social get together or for league matches. Meeting is dependent on people’s schedules. If you are unable to make it one or more weeks, it is just a case of saying you are unavailable. All they ask is that people do not say they will be there and then don’t show up.

There are currently three teams: Two men’s and one ladies’ team made up from different nationalities. There are three divisions in the local league and this season we have one team in each division.

Matches start at 19:00 unless it is arranged differently by both teams. For example sometimes one of the teams will ask if they can start earlier, most commonly at 18:00 so people can get home earlier.

For practice, they always meet at the Golden Lion, but for league matches it depends on whether it is a home or away match. Home matches are at The Golden Lion, but away matches will be at whatever bar the game is against. Most of the away games are at bars you can easily walk to around Aarhus, while the occasional game may need a bus ride or someone driving.

The league season starts in mid-September and goes on until early May, with a break from mid-December until the start of February. Every league match has food provided, and when we play away every player on the away team is given a free drink by the host pub.

Members pay DKK100  each at the start of the season to cover the costs of admin, team shirts, food, etc.

They also pay DKK20  subs each week; this is collected for an end of season meal/drinks together at the end of the season. It is totally optional, and if at the time you are for whatever reason not able to attend you get it all back.

Ed (the landlord)                
Phone: 24 45 87 65                                                           
Joe (team captain)            
Phone: 61 28 30 42                                                           

The Darts Organization’s website is It is in Danish but it will translate in Google Chrome.


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