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Winter Break in Aarhus

Week 7 marks the schools' winter break, so most kids are out of school. For inspiration about what to do, just keep reading. We have gathered a list of winter break activities for kids and families that are sure to keep your days exciting. 

Rush: Denmark’s Biggest Trampoline Park
Rush is Denmark’s first and biggest trampoline park with over 1700 square meters of connected trampolines. You can play dodgeball, practice jumps, have a go at the ninja course, or just play around freestyle. Security is at its best, and there are activities for all ages. 

The Steno Museum: Mars Camp
Are you cool enough to go through the Mars mission? During the winter break, stenomuseet turns into a Mars Camp where you can have a go at life on Mars. Jump into the space suit and take a Mars selfie; see if you can manage the craziest lego robots in the red Mars landscape; or learn more about what scientists do in the Mars lab. Free entrance for kids under the age of 18 

The Old Town Museum 
The Old Town Museum invites visitors for a visit for the entire family. You can make ”fastelavnsris” for the Danish tradition fastelavn, and you can make hard candy.

ARoS Junior
In the Junior workshop at ARoS, Aarhus’ art museum, you can explore the many techniques of art and create your very own expression through small creative tasks. Or how about a trip around the rainbow where you can see Aarhus from the top through the pretty color of Your rainbow panorama?

Moesgaard Museum
The winter break is a perfect occasion for a visit to Moesgaard Museum, which always offers big experiences for all ages. If it snows, you can try Aarhus’ unique sledging hill, the roof of Moesgaard Museum! 

You can currently experience the mini-exhibition “Among the Chukchis in Siberia” about the fieldwork behind the ethnographic part of Moesgaard Museum. In connection with the mini-exhibition, the museum focuses on the Chukchis during the winter break, and you can meet ethnographer Jeanette Lykkergård every day from Saturday, February 11, until Sunday, February 19, from 11:00-16:00. Here you can cook over an open fire and help tan hide. You can make your own cellphone- or amulet purse. Participation is DKK30, and signing up takes place on site. 

Moesgaard Museum is one of the few museums in the world that has socalled Gihr-Gihr figures that, according to the Chukchis, connect the living and the dead. The Gihr-Gihr figures must be fed twice a year with fat – you can experience this on Wednesday, February 15, at 14:00 outside the museum. 

The Women’s Museum
Spend an afternoon exploring the Women’s Museum’s exciting exhibitions! Among other things, you can explore the childhood’s history of girls and boys’ lives through a 100 years. The Women’s Museum has a nice café where you can end your visit with a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream before going back outside.

The Greenhouses in the Botanical Garden
In the Greenhouses in the Botanical Garden, the entire family can explore educational stories about plants and flowers in the four climate zones. The little guy “Spire Ib” helps the youngest in the family explore animal tracks and plants. 

Outdoor Ice Skating 
Get color in the cheeks and wind in your hair while dancing on the ice. The ice skating rink in front of Musikhuset is free to use, and you can rent a couple of skates for DKK45 if you don’t you’re your own. 

The Natural History Museum: The Secrets of the Ice
At the Natural History Museum, you can explore the magnificent world of nature. Come explore with all of your senses. 

All activities are free when the entrance to the museum has been paid, and as always there is free access for kids and youngsters under the age of 18. 
The museum is open from 10:00-17:00 every day during the vacation starting Saturday, February 11 and ending Sunday, February 19. 
The pancake man is ready with delicious pancakes – you choose whether you want it sweet or savory. 

Circus at Musikhuset
There are lots of fun, scares, and laughs to be had when the Circus Krone performs for kids at Musikhuset during the winter break. 

Storcenter Nord
Besides a big play area for children up to the age of 8, Storcenter Nord currently has Europe’s biggest mechanical dinosaur show on exhibition. During the winter break, the dinos are let loose among visitors at 11:00, 12:00, 14:00, and 15:00! If you want to find the T-Rex, or avoid it, you can ask at the center info desk. 
DGI-Huset : Active Holiday
The house opens up for non-stop climbing, activities in springsalen, bouncy castle and jumping pillow, games, and a ball game are for the ENTIRE family. 
There will be special activities on selected days, e.g. activities like kids’ parkour, acrobatics, pirate game, etc. 

Book a spot here.

Entrance: DKK75 pr. person or 2 punches (kids under the age of 2 are free of charge)

You can check out many other family activities in Aarhus on our webpage here. You can also find further inspiration on VisitAarhus’ website.

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