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Local entrepreneurs want to bring back the customers
The popularity of e-commerce has made it difficult for the physical stores in Aarhus to attract customers. The new app Gotreat wants to bring back the customers by offering current and relevant offers.
Relevant offers for relevant customers
By using Gotreat the consumer will be presented to the best offers of the city within different categories. It only takes a smartphone, which automatically finds the best offers nearby. The offers are based on the consumers’ self-selected preferences. Thus the consumers are certain that they only receive offers that are relevant to them. It only takes a minute for the store to upload an offer, and several stores in Aarhus have already joined the app.
Rethink the strategy
More and more consumers base their purchase on offers and deals more than preferences for brands or certain stores. Thus it is necessary to rethink the strategy of marketing, which is the idea behind Gotreat.

In a city like Aarhus with lots of students and tourists it can be difficult to discover small, unique stores, cafés, etc. With Gotreat it is easy to discover new places and at the same time get good offers. Likewise it is easier for the stores to reach the costumers.

Gotreat is available in Danish and English for both iPhone and Android at App Store/Google Play.
More info about Gotreat: /

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