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National Park Mols Bjerge

The surroundings of Aarhus have plenty to offer and the National Park Mols Bjerge facilitates different activities.
The objective of the National Park is to preserve, strengthen and develop nature, the countryside, the cultural surroundings, the distinctive geological features and to provide visitors with excellent opportunities of outdoor activities and information about the area.

The park has 33 destinations, which can meet you with the nature, history, culture and geological landspace of this part of Denmark. The area around the park is also suited for outdoor activities and can offer you hicking, biking, snorkeling, bathing, riding, learning, running, sailing, fishing, shopping, kayaking, windsurfing, birdwatching, and mountainbiking. Reat more about the various activities here.  

During weeks 25 – 32  The National Park made a summer activity program, where among other things you can:

  • meet the park guides, who are ready to inspire your experience , answer your questions and give out brochures. They are also giving free daily guiding tours. You can meet the guides at Kalø Slot ruins, Øvre Strandkær, and Femmøller beach every day at 10:00-17.00. More information about the guides is availabe here (in Danish only).
  • board the sightseeing busses, which takes you around Kalø, Stabelhøjene, Trehøje, Porskær Stonehouse and Karlsladen. The tour is available every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday until 14 August at 13:00 from Ebeltoft Turist Office. The price for person over 7 years old is 150DKK. More information about the seighseeing buses from Ebeltoft is available here (in Danish only). The buses are also available from Aarhus.  The departure is 18 and 25 July at 9.00-15:00 from the Music Hall in Aarhus. The price for person over 7 years old is 250DKK. More information about the seighseeing buses from Aarhus is available here (in Danish only).
  • sail with Dansmarks last Skødshoved ship from between Ebeltoft or Nappedam or between Aarhus and Mols Bjerge park. More information about the ship in Ebeltoft is available here, and in Aarhus is available here (in Danish only).
More information about the summer program and the park is available here (in Danish only). 


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