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Guide to Travel to Copenhagen

Recently many of you are asking about the best way to get to the capital. Depending on purpose of the travel and your preferences here are the known to us options for collective transportation between Aarhus and Copenhagen.

By flight:
If you prefer to safe on the time travelling and explorer Denmark from the air, you can fly to Copenhagen. 

Seaplanes – it flies by the water and it takes around 50 mins to get from Aarhus harbor to Copenhagen harbor. Summer discount prices are 975DKK. More about Seaplanes here.

Aarhus Airport - flying to Copenhagen is also possible from Aarhus Airport. It takes around 40 mins to fly there. Check Aarhus Airport’s webpage for more information and prices. 

By ferry: 
Mols-linien - if you have your own car, you can also ride the ferry, which arrives at Zealand Odde.  It takes an hour and a bit to arrive to Zealand. Prices vary depending on the size of the car. Chech up Mols-linien here.   

By train: 
DSB - it is always available for passengers travelling between Aarhus and Copenhagen. There is a fast train taking the distance for 2,5h. However, because of railway construction work there might be rescheduling of the timetables and possibly longer driving time during the summer. Always check their webpage before departure. Prices vary from 194-388DKK for youth ticket and normal ticket. Sometime you can buy a reduced price ticket called Orange ticket if you are buying it in advance.

By car:               
Gomore – it is a kind of a carpooling website, where you can book a place in someone’s car for a ride to Copenhagen. Apart from that, if you are a car owner, you can also create a ride. Prices vary depending on the car owner and whether the car is taking the bridge or the ferry. You can find prices from 100 to 250 DKK. You might be able to find ride also to Copenhagen Airport. Check up Gomore here.

By bus:
The bus can also take the ferry or drive over the bridge. The different bus companies have different timetables and place for departure and arrival in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Rødbillet – it drives from Busholdepladsen, Thomas Jensens Alle/Valdemarsgade, which is opposite HeadQuaters and left of The Music Hall in Aarhus. It arrives at DGI, which is just behind the central train station in Copenhagen. Tickets vary from children to adults, 80-160DKK respectively. You have the possibility to take your pet, bike, pushchair and extra luggage by purchasing an extra ticket. Find more about Rødbillet here.

Rute1000 – it has the same departure and arriving stops. Tickets vary from students to adults, 49-399DKK respectively. You have the possibility to take extra luggage and a pushchair but you need extra ticket for that. Find Rute1000 here.

Linie 888 – it drives from Aarhus bus terminal and arrives at either Valby station in Copenhagen or Copenhagen Airport. The bus drives on the ferry or over the bridge and therefore prices vary from 50-340DKK. You can take bikes, prams and pushchairs on board but you need extra tickets for that. Check up Linie 888 here.

Eurolines – it departures from Aarhus bus terminal and arrives at DGI in Copenhagen. Prices vary from 100-160DKK. You can take bikes, pushchairs, extra luggage on board but you might need extra ticket. Check Eurolines here.


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