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Open Air: Delrevés & Selene Munoz

Friday, June 3, 2016, when the stores in Aarhus City are open until midnight and thousands of people during the day and evening finds their way to Aarhus city, you have the opportunity to see a spectacular dance show from southern climes. 

Bora Bora and Aarhus City Association present two Spanish names as a part of the event "Explore the World with Aarhus". The performances are carried out in collaboration with Aarhus Cathedral and supported by the Spanish Government Tourist Office.

On the cathedral tower Bora Bora presents the performance "Uno" by the dance company Delrevés from Spain, who works vertically. In"Uno" three performers dance in ballet shoes on the outside of the cathedral tower to the sound of rock music. With its vertical dance Delrevés invites the audience into a magical world where the dancers fly through the air, and where gravity does not exist.

It is also possible to see the Spanish national dance, flamenco, when none other than Danish-Spanish Selene Muñoz comes to town. Selene began dancing when she was 3 years old and today performs all over the world with her own elegant and modern version of flamenco.

The preliminary programme for "Uno" and Selene Muñoz Friday, June 3, looks like this:
17:00: On the cathedral tower: "Uno"  performance in connection with the official opening of "Explore the World with Aarhus".
20:00: On Bispetorv: Selene Muñoz performs on stage at Bispetorv (the Square next to the cathedral).
22:30: On the cathedral tower: "Uno"  performance after dark in the glow of projected lights.
The event is free of charge. For more information, visit BORA BORA’s webpage here

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