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Spor Festival

Spor festival is a combination of a spectacular concert program, an ambitious exhibition program and a film program out of the ordinary.
The festival takes place between 8-15 May, and this years theme is the acronym WYSI(N)WYG. You can expect to find yourself being challenged on your nations of reality.
SPOR festival is balancing on the edge of a physical and digital reality. Experience yourself, the artists, the music and your surroundings become engrossed in a digital universe or unplug, dive into yourself and create music using your body and senses. 
Witness an extreme role play entangled in a web of identities and be challenged by curious interplays between sound, performance, video and scenography; who is really present – where and when – and who and what actually creates what you listen to? 
The film programme includes Charlie Kaufmans Synecdoche New York, Abbas Kiarostamis Close Up, Orson Welles' F for Fake amongst films by Nicolas Provoost, Zachary Oberzan and Michael Madsen. 
See the full program with time and location here.

There will be introductions and a talk with post doc from Aarhus University Peter Ole Pedersen on his research project Art and Documentary culture, all suitable for English speaking audience. 
Ticket prizes vary - 4 day pass costs 495 DKK and 350 for students. Otherwise normal prize for a single event is 100DKK and 50DKK for students.
Read more about tickets here

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