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Pick-your-own strawberries

The strawberry season is peaking right now so why not join other strawberry lovers in the pick-your-own strawberries discipline. Every summer Danish farmers open their strawberry fields to the public, and for a per kilo price you can pick and bring home all the strawberries you want. The concept is simple: Bring your own containers for the berries – The farmer will weigh these before you start picking. After you have picked the berries, you go back to the farmer, who will weigh your container again. You then pay for what you have picked.
Some farmers charge a small entrance fee which allows the pickers to taste one, two or ten strawberries.
One of the many pick-your-own strawberries farms in the area is Holger´s Jordbær (Holger’s Strawberries). Read more about Holger´s Jordbær at  (only in Danish). Holger´s Jordbær is located at Clemensvej 6, Bendstrup, 8530 Hjortshøj.
Holger’s Jordbær is open for pick-you-own strawberries from Tuesday to Friday 13.00-18.30 and in the weekends 10.00-18.00. Cash only.
Happy picking!!

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