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Pub Quizzes Around Aarhus

Pub Quizzes are always a good idea for getting to know your colleagues or new friends in a casual setting outside of work or school. This is a list of all the Pub Quizzes in English around Aarhus.

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Student Worker for Communication and Events at International Community/Erhverv Aarhus

Do you want to be part of an international environment and put your communication and coordination skills to the test in the real world?

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Fastelavn and the Fastelavnsbolle

In Denmark, there is a tradition called Fastelavn. Fastelavn is celebrated seven weeks before Easter Day. Therefore, Fastelavn this year falls on Sunday February 14. But what is Fastelavn? And what is a Fastelavnsbolle?

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International Day Nursery - Aarhus

International Day Nursery - Aarhus is a brand new initiative in Aarhus. It will be located as a next-door neighbor to 'Vuggestuen Marselis Boulevard' - very close to Aarhus International School.

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